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Access Actionable Data For Clinical Performance Insights

by | Oct 29, 2016 | Business Intelligence, Clinical Analytics, Clinical Data | 0 comments

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Driving Performance with Effective Data Management

Many organizations are paralyzed by the abundance of data. Leaders know that evidence based clinical performance improvement can drive sustainable quality and financial outcomes. But to get there, data must be organized, associated and actionable.  With the power of business intelligence, analytics and improved care coordination work processes, clinical, financial, and operational leaders can operate more effectively.  It’s less about hypothesis-driven methods and more about discovering insights inherent in their existing data. Clinical analytics allow leaders to gain a deeper, more actionable understanding of performance improvement opportunities.

Leveraging Matters of the Heart

Let’s say you are studying clinical variation in the high volume, high risk population of Heart Failure. If your data is organized in an actionable framework, opportunities can be identified more readily and stakeholders can act – saving hours of data wrangling effort and ensuring the analytics are reproducible each and every time.  Below are samples of how data can be organized in an analytics platform.

Leading with Data and Creating a New Business Paradigm

Certainly, it’s not just all about the data.  It’s what you do with it that matters.  Position your organization for action and success, by asking the questions that matter most, translating the questions into metrics and dimensions that yield high value results and embedding facts into decision making.

Accessing Analytics to Drive Top and Bottom Line Growth

Promoting and creating organizational alignment is critical.  A common structure for measuring and managing high quality integrated data will drive high value, competitive advantage results.

Start by Asking the Basic Questions First

The following questions will help you assess the opportunities that exist within your organization.

  • Are we engaging collaborative-teams vs committee siloes?
  • Is our data front and center and driving robust work plans?
  • Are we achieving game changing gains? ROI?

Then Ask the Strategic Questions

Issues/Facts – What business problem are we trying to solve?  What data can be leveraged to understand our business and improve performance?  What are key sources of data/information?

Understanding Current State – What does our data tell us?  What is currently happening or has happened and why is this important?

Actions for Future – What should we do about it? What do we recommend?  How will we act?

And Finally, Assess Your Capabilities

How do we look to the future and are we building analytic insights directly into our business processes?  If the answers below are No, perhaps you may benefit from a ClinView® solution.

Thank you for reading our blog! We hope you found it helpful for driving clinical performance insights and improvements.  If you have questions, or would like to learn more, please contact us [email protected] or call (888) 341-1014.

Laurie Jaccard is the President of Clinical Intelligence, LLC.

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