Client-centric, Technology enabled

CI is a boutique-sized, privately-held healthcare advisory firm, specializing in designing and executing best strategies for clinical, operational, and margin performance improvement.

Data-driven Decisions

ClinView® provides actionable data front and center so leaders can drive sustainable change as they move toward the delivery of value-based care.

Laser-Focused Engagements

CI designs results-oriented, rapid-cycle engagements which focus on improved workflow and outcomes.

Agile and Responsive

As a boutique-sized firm, CI can respond to client needs more nimbly than traditional consultants and offer direct access to senior leadership.

Expedited Time to Value

Time to value is expedited through ClinView® because of its ability to tease out the “so what” so rapidly.

Strategic Planning Optimized

ClinView® can be used to change physician behavior, influence practice patterns and decisions, guide strategic planning and reduce critical compliance risks.

Highly Collaborative | Transfer of Knowledge

CI’s team of former-executives, physicians, analysts, and actuaries work diligently to collaborate and provide hands-on support.

Laurie Jaccard

Founder and President

After years of onsite consulting, CI’s Founder and President Laurie Jaccard recognized that the healthcare organizations CI was partnering with did not have a meaningful way to use the tremendous amounts of raw data they were collecting.

CI developed ClinView® as the solution. ClinView® creates associations between datasets, graphs and variables, allowing executives to interact with the data, see different perspectives and dimensions, drill down to various levels and identify root causes to operational and financial concerns.

The data is risk-adjusted and validated to create an environment for collaboration around a single source of trusted truth.