ClinView® Analytics

ClinView®, developed by Clinical Intelligence (CI), is the leading cloud-based analytics platform that streamlines data from all sources into one comprehensive view with actionable insights. Data is translated into meaningful information to drive clinical, operational and financial improvements and sustainability, while helping organizations shift to value-based care. With ClinView®, strategic planning is optimized, objectives and activities are clarified and resources are aligned.

ClinView® reduces time spent on big data continuum by 20%. This means that executives can now focus 80% of their time on mission critical items and actions that lead to greater results.

ClinView® is used across the country

  • Hospitals
  • Health Systems
  • Physician Practices
  • Health Centers
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Health Plans

ClinView® helps healthcare organizations leverage data

  • Improve continuum management
  • Navigate big data to identify healthcare key performance indicators and opportunities
  • Tackle health system performance issues with a collaborative care approach
  • Ensure tight length of stay control and patient throughput
  • Guide strategic planning
  • Reduce healthcare compliance exposure and maintain standards with HIPAA Statute and Rules
  • Influence practice patterns to reduce clinical variation
  • Measure case management effectiveness and value
  • Yield economic impact and lost revenue
  • Maximize success of electronic health records software and cloud based EHR
  • Serve as an integration tool for accountable care organizations and clinically integrated networks
  • Assist with clinical decision support and optimizing clinical analytics
  • Enhance clinical information systems and clinical documentation improvement results
  • Streamline with trending cloud-based applications

Time to value is expedited through ClinView® because of its ability to tease out the “so what” so rapidly

After years of onsite consulting, CI’s Founder and President Laurie Jaccard recognized that the healthcare organizations CI was partnering with did not have a meaningful way to use the tremendous amounts of raw data they were collecting.

CI developed ClinView® as the solution. Leadership now has a visual, interactive platform that streamlines data from all sources into one, interprets it and provides actionable insights. ClinView® creates associations between datasets, graphs and variables – allowing executives to interact with the data, see different perspectives and dimensions, drill down to various levels and identify root causes to operational and financial concerns.

With ClinView®, all departments and service lines speak a universal language from a credible and unbiased shared source – everyone is on the same page, in the same book.