Clinical Variation
Reduction Strategies

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You’ve got Unwarranted Clinical Variation…Do you have the right reduction strategy in place? CI specializes in designing and executing best strategies for clinical, operational, and margin performance improvement, especially as it pertains to reducing unwarranted clinical variation with verifiable results.

  • What is Clinical Variation?
  • How is it identified?
  • Where does it reside?
  • What are its root causes?
  • How is it measured?
  • What is the cure?
Download an article for HFM by CI’s Founder and President, Laurie Jaccard:
“Using Data Analytics to Transform Care Management and Reduce Clinical Variation.”

CI’s systematic approach to clinical variation reduction involves organizing and analyzing data in a meaningful way and identifying healthcare practice patterns and services that result in overuse, underuse and waste

  • Leveraging both the hospital costing and patient level data to create meaningful associations and drilling both horizontally and vertically into the data to uncover and illuminate “root cause” unwarranted variation.
  • Risk-segmenting the data to allow for the removal of outliers for a trusted environment whereby physicians can participate in the analysis and the plan to reduce variation.
  • Identifying “On” and “Off” protocol practices and work to change practice patterns where necessary to adopt the “gold-standard approach” with physician buy-in and participation – this is NOT cost-cutting medicine.
  • Selecting a Project Champion – bring trusted data (a single source of truth) to the conversation, creating data governance, committee charters, crisp work plans and interdisciplinary teams (physicians and administration working together).
  • Measuring outcomes, aligning incentives by locking down the baseline and monitoring ongoing performance.