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Clinical Intelligence understands that harnessing discrete data into digestible reports is the key to population health management, which is the new frontier for healthcare. We are excited about the possibilities of being able to use this data to change habits and reduce the cost of healthcare, while improving outcomes.

Peter A. Leventis


I have seen firsthand and heard secondhand the value of CI’s approach. Open, candid, fair, and action oriented. I like how your team sought to understand and then attacked the issues with balance, but with an eye always on our objectives.

Dave MacDougall

Senior Vice President, System Chief Financial Officer, UHS

There was a lot of discussion around build or buy, but in the short-run, it was most efficient for UHS to leverage ClinView. With the rate of change, we could not wait for perfection in developing our own and it would have been costly.

Nancy Rongo, RN

Vice President, Chief Quality, UHS

Laurie Jaccard and the CI team brought the clinical and financial analytics savvy needed to help KDMC maximize the benefits of the ClinView® platform, translating complex data into clear insights.

Alvin Hoover


I have been navigating in ClinView 2.0, and I must say that I like it. I really like how clean it looks, particularly the groupings of several subsections into the five main categories (Enterprise Strategies, Financial, Care Management, Quality, and Operations). I also really like how the scorecards contain both graphs and tables for the ‘at a glance’ presentation such as what is seen on the Quality, Care Management, Physician, and Executive Views. With that being said, all of the mentioned scorecards are some of my favorites, especially the Physician Scorecard which has an added ‘Potential Opportunity’ view which is very nice. Overall, I’d really like to applaud the development team on a job well done!

Brianna Standberry

Quality Data Analyst, King’s Daughters Medical Center

Clinical Intelligence shined a lot of light in our organization and illuminated many areas. Our institutional knowledge of data and how the bottom line is affected is light years ahead of where we started.

Daphne Murray

Administrative Director of Care Management, Summit Health

I really like the 2.0 version. We used it today to look at Ortho service line. AWSOME! I’m able to see a much better and different perspective of the data details. Very pleasing to my eyes. So far, IT ROCKS! Thank you to your team.

Daphne Murray

Administrative Director of Care Management, Summit Health

CI brings a level of expertise with clinical and financial analytics that I can trust. Their approach is ‘We can make that happen’ and they consistently go above and beyond to deliver.

Alvin Hoover

CEO, King’s Daughters Medical Center