Our Story

“CI brings a level of expertise with clinical and financial analytics that I can trust. Their approach is ‘We can make that happen’ and they consistently go above and beyond to deliver.”– Alvin Hoover, CEO King’s Daughters Medical Center

Laurie Jaccard

Founder and President

Clinical Intelligence (CI) was founded in 2001 by healthcare executives and clinicians with first-hand expertise and an in-depth understanding of care management, performance and quality improvement, and hospital operations.

After years of onsite consulting, CI’s Founder and President Laurie Jaccard recognized that hospitals and physician practices were collecting tremendous amounts of data without a meaningful way to use it. CI developed ClinView® as the solution. ClinView® is an interactive analytics platform that streamlines data from all sources into one comprehensive view—one single source of truth.

Supported by our direct healthcare experience and clinical analytics capabilities through ClinView®, CI offers clinical performance services that improve clinical, financial and operational performance with an emphasis on clinical outcomes. We have worked with more than 150 hospitals to improve their quality of care and business processes, decrease clinical variation and costs, meet compliance standards and enhance revenue streams.

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